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My entry to Lime Crime's POE'm Writing Contest. [09 Oct 2010|01:02am]

Ode To Poe

Once upon a midnight dreary,
Seeing nothing quite clearly,
Edgar in a comforting haze,
Escaping his painful days,
Began to pen his tale to tell,
About his lost love Annabel,
Afterward exclaiming,
"This may be my best!"
Though many readers did detest,
They preferred The Raven,
Which is nothing like a writing desk,
But I digress,
Poor Poe's life soon came to an end,
But do not be weary, my friend,
All his masterpieces were stored,
For us to enjoy forevermore!

Made by daynavon @ xpixie_palacex

Contest details can be found here!
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Looking for unique hair wear? [20 Apr 2010|09:24pm]
Blu Zombie sells OOAK bows, tiaras, and many styles of hats.
Including cupcake hats!

They're reasonably priced for wearable works of art. She also does commissions!
(And if you mention you were sent by me, Holly T., you'll receive free U.S. shipping. :)
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Clothes & accessories for sale! [22 Oct 2009|11:50am]
Everything under $30! Please take a peak!Collapse )
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This journal is.... [08 Sep 2005|07:14am]
[ mood | mellow ]

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